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Established in 1993 as one of the first organizations of its type.
Chartered Dubai is a full-service solutions provider for businesses, focusing on auditing, accounting, business planning and consulting, financial modeling, feasibility studies, business strategy.
CHARTERED DUBAI is a team of dedicated business professionals and consultants in areas of accounting, auditing, financial & management consultancy and courts’ financial expertise. We provide this quality services to each client through a responsive and effective personally led relationship. This relationship is based on our understanding and caring for our client’s business and his needs.
CHARTERED DUBAI is one of the largest accounting & Audit firms in UAE, in terms of the level of expertise that provide them at the local level in addition to the enjoyment of professional respect and a good reputation, which makes us attract a distinctive range of customers and investors in all areas of activity.
Client Service
CHARTERED DUBAI proud of its ability to provide immediate, effective and personalized services. Helping clients, whether multinational, large, medium, small companies manage and compete more effectively in today’s business world is one of the objectives –Which our office attempts to achieve it with high quality and efficiency.
Variety of Services
CHARTERED DUBAI is more than just a group of auditors, consultants or court experts. Our office is also known as full solutions providers of financial and advisory services in addition to auditing and financial expertise in courts. Including accounting, management consulting, information systems consulting, corporate finance and other consulting services.
We have an extensive network of advisors specializing in marketing, business development, accounting, corporate law, intellectual property, trademarks, and many other fields.
Thus, we are able to take on large scale projects requiring a broad range of expertise and meet tight deadlines without incurring the overhead of supporting a large payroll or infrastructure.
Professional Standards
One of the features of CHARTERED DUBAI is the working relationship with clients in order to pay close attention to their needs and development. Regardless of the size of the clients’ business, you can depend on our dedication and support. Our professional reputation is based on the goal to maintain the highest ethical standards.
Also, Chartered Dubai accommodates Registered Court Experts where the facts in court cases require high level of professional knowledge to be appreciated properly. Our Court Experts are known to be unbiased and of the appropriate background; have a high level of qualification – both academic and experience-based, and are capable of presenting their expertise in an accessible way.
More importantly, they are not limited to directly observed facts, but can give their opinion as to the broader implications of any facts presented by them or by others. In financial criminal cases or disputes, our Court Experts are approached by the court to investigate, examine evidence, and form an opinion about the case, and then share that with the jury under cross-examination.
Chartered Dubai is proud to handle a huge burden of responsibility through this type of service.
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