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The experience of working with over 700 clients in a wide variety of industries over the past 22 years has allowed Chartered Dubai to develop a proprietary engagement methodology that ensures high-quality results for each and every project.
We have developed quality services that have met our clients' objectives, timing and prospected budget. Our list of clients range from large to small regional and global enterprises. We assisted start-up and early-phase entrepreneurial ventures and facilitated the formation of industry-specific and cross-sector partnerships.
CHARTERED DUBAI had with pride and dignity served the governmental sector in the UAE especially the court and jurisdiction authority.
  1. Financial Institutions and Insurance Co.
  2. Industry and Manufacturing.
  3. Tourism and Hospitality.
  4. Construction & Engineering.
  5. Airlines, Marine & Inland Transportation.
  6. Investment and Commercial.
  7. Agriculture.
  8. Federations.
  9. Non Profit Organizations.
  10. iscellaneous.
Financial and Managerial
  1. Financial and Administrative Systems.
  2. Evaluation Studies.
  3. Feasibility Studies.
  4. Companies Establishment.
  5. Financial Studies.
  6. ommercial Arbitration studies.
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