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Financial Analysis & Management
We offer a variety of financial forecasting and analysis services. Our model allows you and your investors to easily understand how changes in key assumptions affect cash flow and other key outcomes. Optional features include sensitivity analysis, multiple funding scenarios, budget-vs.-actual statements, benchmarking against publicly traded corporations, and much more. We can customize our forecast model to fit any type of business, or create a new model from scratch depending on the circumstances.
We can evaluate growth opportunities for your business plan and help you develop an appropriate capital formation strategy. In doing so, we analyze your capital needs, evaluate your capital structure, and identify appropriate sources of capital (venture capital, grants, loans, bank financing, internal cash flow, etc.) to help you achieve your full potential.
We provide Risk Analysis & Management as every business faces a unique set of risks. Identifying, analyzing, and mitigating those risks can provide peace of mind and a strong competitive advantage for businesses.
Market Research & Analysis
A strong business plan requires going beyond intuition and experience, and supporting your idea with fact-based market research. Investors need to have confidence in the business and a thorough understanding of the market.
We provide industry analysis, competitive analysis, and target market analysis. We also help in client prospecting research to help your business in reaching out straight to your clients/consumers target. 
Marketing Solutions
Your business won’t become "real" until you actually manage to make a sale. We'll help you define your potential markets, craft strategies to position and distribute your products and services, and help with the actual execution of marketing strategy development, marketing plan, marketing collateral, and corporate communications.
We believe successful marketing starts with a carefully considered plan. Before a solution is discussed or executed, your company's objectives, competitors and current market factors are carefully considered. This focus on market strategy and planning is our strength.
What worked last year is not what's going to work tomorrow. We develop the right plan for today, and thanks to our focused, fast-moving team, we can respond quickly to changing market conditions.
We constantly monitor, evaluate and change the marketing strategy based on your business and the market. Long-range planning is modified by short-range adjustments.
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